Sunday, May 15, 2016

Red Sky Morning

Mum was passing the kitchen window this morning, when she noticed the lovely sunrise that was sending lovely red skies all over the harbour and valleys.  I was sitting outside on my bench enjoying it all.  We know that red skies indicate a rough day, but our day was lovely with mild 19 deg (C) temps with it only being a bit breezy.  Some places round the country were up to 26 deg, which is a mid summer temp, considering we are in late autumn almost winter, it is wild.

Mum worked all day, and visited the supermarket on the way home.  Chicken and potato salad is an easy after work dinner, with some kiwi fruit and pears for supper.  She gave me a fancy feast to fill my tummy, so us girls are happy.


  1. That's a stunning sky! Glorious!

    Jeepers, we had one day that was 25C, but it's COLD again, and the windchill overnight will be -1C. For mid-May! At least now we know where all our warm spring temps you! LOL.

  2. Wow! What stunning photos Poppy!x
    Yes! red sky in the morning...shepherds warning..!
    No shepherds around here...Sun's out in ALL it's
    glory...No rain till the silly
    weatherman says...! :).
    I've just cut half the Privet hedge out the back...
    Will finish the rest off tomorrow...Phew!
    Time for a lemon tea...and, l've got one chocolate
    muffin left...I do spoil myself...HeHe!
    Pasta in Forno for lunch to~day for a change...!
    Last day of the English football to, so l'll be
    glued to that...! :0). 'Happy Tummies'.

  3. Poppy, dear, it's "Red skies at night, sailors' delight. Red skies at morning, sailors take warning!" Rough weather out there somewhere!

  4. Beautiful photos of the morning sky! Perhaps there was rough weather somewhere but you certainly had a lovely day. We've been having the cools, but mom bean says it will warm up this week. The sunny room is open today so we are furry happy!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. I love beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and that's a good one.

  6. Such lovely photos, Poppy! That red color is so vibrant. We're glad you and Mum had some nice weather today!

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