Saturday, May 28, 2016

Break in the Weather Caturday

Mum shift last night was super busy and she didn't finish til midnight.  Then she went back into work at 4am.  By the time she finished this morning at 6am it was pouring down and even though she went outside she returned back inside and sat down for 10 minutes til there was a break in the rain.  She got some sleeps this morning, and then got up and showered and got dressed.  Round 1pm the clouds cleared and the blue skies peaked out so mum grabbed her bag and headed out for a walk.

She got into town and did a few jobs.  A nice custard square was bought at the bakery for a treat, she found a couple more little gifts for a friends birthday present, and bought a couple of winter pillows for our couch.  Mum then headed home to feed me my feast, and she was only in the door for five minutes and the rain started again, and hasn't stopped in the past two hours.  So another rainy night is in store for us.

Me - well I'm just chilling on this Caturday.  Hope you all have something fun planned for your Caturday.


  1. I hate rain Poppy!x Hate it. wish it
    would just rain at night time, when
    l'm asleep in bed...1 :).

    Busy weekend for me...As l've just come
    out of hospital, couple friends came up
    yesterday, four to~day, two tomorrow,
    and two on Monday, it's a bank holiday here
    on Monday. Went down the shop for cakes, can't
    just give people tea/coffee...Got to have some
    cake....! :).

  2. And now we so desperately need rain! From an abnormally cold and delayed "spring" straight into the cloying heat and humidity of summer. So we'll trade you a bit of heat for some of your rain, and it'll come out right! :-)

  3. Plenty of rain up the Hutt Valley and a muddy river to boot!! Our garden is really boggy now and getting to the catnip is a real mission!

    Miranda @
    Dash Kitten

  4. Poppy, dear, this sounds like ideal "nana nap on the sofa with blankie and cats" weather. Hope your hard-working mum enjoys it!

  5. It has been warm and quite humid here in Chicago. Yesterday there were "out of the blue" downpours off and on. Enjoy your snoozes!

  6. You must be tired after that shift. Heavy rain here too we have ponds back. The geese are happy.

  7. Our mom bean doesn't know how your mum does it, working so late and then being called in again. We think our mom bean would fall asleep on the job.

    It was a cloudy, cool day here and about supper time the rain came pouring down. We're hoping for some nicer weather tomorrow so we can spend some time in the sunny room.

    Have a great Sunday!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku