Thursday, May 12, 2016

Windy Day

I only got to sit out on my bench for a little while after work, cos it sure was windy.  After lots of rain yesterday the wind is howling up the valleys and whipping itself round.  Mum had the feeling she shouldn't go to work today, to stay home and stay in bed and read her book.  However she is not one to wag work, cos karma has a way of kicking her in the butt if she does that and makes her poorly soon after, and then she would feel to guilty to call in sick.  So she sucks it in and goes off to work.

On the way to work, as she stood at the crossing waiting for the lights to change, she felt an earthquake ripple through the ground underneath.  Not too strong, and it was based a long way away from us, but enough for her to notice.  Work was ok, she made it through and got to come home to me.

I only sat outside quickly then rushed inside to beg for my dinner.  She gave me a feast, and then made herself some lemon chicken and rice for dinner.  She listened to Tom Hanks on BBC Desert Island Discs, another great interview that usually manages to make mum smile.  So time for some relaxing before she switches the call phone on at 10 am.  Wish her luck!!


  1. Oh! My goodness Poppy!x
    An earthquake ripple...That must be a strange

    Well, it's been pouring it down early this morning,
    Just gone 9:30, and it's clearing up. I've been down
    town for few things...Time for a lemon tea and a sticky
    bun...! :).

  2. We suppose you get used to the earthquake ripples and tremors, but we think it would be very scary!

    We hope she didn't get called in, btw! :-)

  3. Poppy, dear, like my elderly feline housemate (Mme. Mephi Wu is 18.) and your mum, sometimes I get a "feeling." It's always 'something' -- but we've only had one big earthquake in Indiana in recent years. Do hope your mum wasn't called in!

  4. That would be weird, feeling an earthquake like that, weird and frightening.

  5. I'm glad the earthquake wasn't near you, Poppy! A friend of ours actually lives quite near the epicenter!

  6. always a treat to read about your day and how you both manage about it. I know autumn is on it's way to you and summer is coming here...I wish it were the other way around....we hate summer and the dreadful heat it brings...mommy has reverse seasonal effectiveness disorder...but me being a nakked cat, I love sitting in the warm sunny window!
    Much love from the cozy cottage and miss Hope

  7. poppy q......heerz hopin de call fone doez knot ring once.....tell mum ta unplug it, that may help ☺☺ hope ewe both hada chillaxin nite; anda happee fry day~~~

    we iz off line til monday… sew heerz two a collared carpetshark… kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  8. We have had horrendous wind here as well. No poppy. It wasn't me lol glad the earthquake was only a little one.

  9. Mum took a day off, but was out running around all day doing stuff. Now she is home ready to read a book.

  10. We had a mild earthquake once years ago and stayed puffed fer a long time. So did TBT, as a matter of fact. It was our first (an we hope only)!