Sunday, May 22, 2016

Claws In

Today mum is much happier, as my claws have been in when I jumped on her.  She does not know what I was thinking yesterday, when I kept jumping up on her with her claws out.  Her thighs stung when she had her shower this morning, as there were little nicks all over her knees.  I have never scratched her before, so she hopes I was just having a bad day.

Today was the chilliest one we have had in ages.  Tonight it is 4.5 deg (C), so mum is getting ready to snuggle in bed with her book.  She is pretty sure I will be on the way to visit her and sit on the bed soon.  The day was quiet as the rain was falling, so mum stayed home with her book, and this evening was taken up with phone calls to friends, so I got to sit on the couch close to mum.

Hope you all got a snuggle today too.


  1. Ah! What a lovely photo Poppy!x
    You look happy to~day...Claws all
    hiding in your paws! Bless!x

    We've had a little rain, though l was
    out early, pinning the Virginia Creeper
    back against the wall, l think during
    the night something tried to climb it.
    Probably a nearby pussy~cat...And it's
    not strong enough to hold that weight.
    I spoke to Flossy when she came round for
    her saucer of milk earlier..She did'nt say
    much. Oh! well, never mind, hope it does'nt

  2. Maybe you just had the crazies yesterday, Poppy.

  3. I was in town on Sunday and it was bitterly cold. Isn't Poppy Q funny re her claws. Glad she has gotten out of the phase.

  4. Glad you are remembering to keep your claws in again, Poppy.

  5. That picture makes it look like you have nothing but soft bits everywhere, Poppy. Nothing sharp about you except your mind.