Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday Sleeps

Today was a bit of a write off in the activity stakes.  Mum had an A plan:  if she got some sleeps she was going to walk into town and sit by the seaside and have a picnic lunch.  The B plan:  if she needed a little lie in was to stay home and do a good tidy up.  Instead she had to resort to the C plan:  leave work at 8am after a couple of call ins, come home via the supermarket. Have breakfast on the couch and finally get some sleep between 10am - 3pm.

So she is now up and showered, dressed and given me my feast.  She made herself a tasty dinner and is now doing a couple of chores before switching the phone on again at 7pm.   Last night on call, and she feels better after sleeping today away.  It was a shame though as the sun shone most of the day.  At least I got to enjoy it.


  1. Goodness! Poppy!x That's a lot of plans
    for Mum..A..B..C..Decisions! Decisions!
    Plan C sounded the best..!

    Can l lovely you look on your
    outside bed..Tell us tomorrow about your

  2. Plan C sounds like the right plan. It is hard to enjoy the day when you work at night🙁😴
    I hope you rested too, Poppy.

  3. Sorry she didn't get her picnic. You look adorable.

  4. Sorry Mum's plans A and B did not work out, Poppy. But we are glad she got some much needed sleeps. And you sure do look comfy in that bed, sweet one.

  5. Your mum must have had a bed as comfy as yours looks, Poppy. I'd sleep away the day, too.