Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mixed Bag

Today was a mixed bag kind of day.  Mum got woken up at early o'clock by the sound of vomitus, and it wasn't her.  It wasn't her that left a little pile on the couch and rug, I wonder who could have snuck in and done it?

She had a good day at work, and even better when she left work she checked her lotto ticket and she won $33, so she bought a bag of sweets and a pile of fancy feast - woo hoo!!

Then when she got home she picked up the uniforms to wash, and accidentally washed the clean one she had put aside for tomorrow, so now only has her dirty one to wear tomorrow.  It is now winter time here, and we don't have a dryer so it takes two days to dry the tunics, but mum can always get a fresh top at work tomorrow.

Hope your day has gone well and you got some good mixed in with the not so good.


  1. Woohoo indeed, a lottery win! That's awesome, a nice surprise and great way to spend it, Poppy. :-)

    LOL @ washing the clean uniform. Oh well! :-)

  2. poppy Q......serves werk rite for makin her werk 84,922 hourz a week that her wears a dirtee tunic......

    N total lee awesum on her win !!! way kewl; hope next time her winz 333,333,333,333.33 now that wood bee sa~wheat huh ...think oh de feast THAT wood buy ♥♥♥

  3. Concatulations on that lottery win! How sweet of her to buy you your Fancy Feast.

  4. My human doesn't play the lottery. Maybe she should - she could take me on a cat treat shopping spree!

  5. Your Mom had better have you sniff her clothes before washing. The ones you like gets washed. MOL!

  6. Waking up to the soothing strains of a heaving cat stomach. Yes, I know that alarm clock well.

    My day was a good one. As you may know, Poppy, I am on holidays, and am actually finding time to get things done. They may be considered work but when you do them for yourself, rather than a boss, they are rather satisfying, rather than tiresome. I hope tomorrow is an entirely good one for your mum and you. Maybe another lottery win!

  7. That picture makes it look like you have nothing but soft bits everywhere, Poppy. Nothing sharp about you except your mind.

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  8. Conacts for lottery !
    My pawrents wish they could have some luck with the lottery, but it never happened.
    Me read Mark's Mews commenting, My mom used to do that with daddy clothes..and she almost ended up with throw up..since then she will never, ever do that again!

  9. Poppy, dear, I cannot understand why you kitties choose to heave your breakfasts on fabrics?! Especially when the tiled floors in the bath and kitchen are available! And why is it always that "tea in bed before rising" snack that you heave? Why not a late night snack while mum is still awake and doing the laundry?