Monday, May 30, 2016

Day 8

Today was mums day 8 of 12 - now the weekend is over she is on the homeward stretch.  Last night she went to work from 7pm til midnight, but she didn't get called after that.  But she didn't sleep, she finally drifted off at 3am and woke up at 5am a whole two hours - awesome .  So she felt a little bit sick today at work til lunchtime when a hearty lunch seemed to make her settle.

So tonight is cold and mum has put the heating on, she has cooked her dinner and dished up her feast.  Time for a couple of shows and mum might head to bed early tonight  to  catch up some zzzs.  She certainly needs her beauty sleep.  You can tell that I get enough of that - cos I'm so pretty!!


  1. Well, we can't argue with your prettiness Poppy!x
    You always look lovely...A superstar..!x
    I suppose that's why pussy~cats are so lovely, cos
    they sleep a lot..! :).

  2. * Big smile with your word " cos I'm so pretty!! " **
    Sound like your mom need a big nap !
    I send a ton of purrs to your mom, I hope she is feeling better

  3. Poppy, dear, how pretty that coral blankie is beneath your grey velour fur! Your mum has an eye for color!

  4. Poppy, we hope your mum got more than 2 hours sleep this time! No human, sufficient sleep or not, could ever be as pretty you as you, though. :-)

  5. Two hours of sleep? Mum would be discomboobilated after only a few days of shift and on call.

  6. Twelve days seems an awful long time to be working. I hope your mum gets some more sleep to sustain her.

  7. I hope your mum can get some more sleep tonight. My mum gets bad tempered after a few nights with not enough sleep.

  8. Do yer best ta make yer Mom sleep some! They get kinna weerd when they are tired. Seriously, when they get all discombombulated, they dont feed us on time!!!