Monday, May 23, 2016

Snuggle Fail

Last night I failed to go into the bedroom and snuggle with mum, even though it made it down to a chilly 4 deg (C), even though she had the heater on and a pile of quilts I stood my ground (well lay down on my couch).  This is the prime position where she normally sits, and as soon as she vacates the seat I swoop in and curly up asleep, so she has to sit on the middle of the couch.

Hope you all got to sleep where you fancied last night too.


  1. HeHe! Well Poppy!x I slept like a log last night....
    Woke up in the fire place....(old joke).
    Another silly joke...
    Where does an 18 stone gorilla sleep.....Anywhere it
    wants to....! :).

    Lovely sunshine over's nearly 11 o'clock,
    l'm off to cut some grass..!

  2. Well, you look too comfy to bother moving anyway, Poppy!

    We FINALLY have a glorious, warm weekend, after such a late and cold spring. Purrs and peace. :-)

  3. My human makes us all come to bed with her... doesn't mean we stay there!

  4. poppy tuna....dee sided ta sleep on de food servizz gurlz leg...knot bye it...ON it.....noe... it was knot cozee.....eye just did it coz eye waz ina mood ta make her uncomfee two !!!!! ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  5. Wow, that is chilly Poppy. Don't you want some of mum's quilts? It is very warm here for our Victoria Day. Such a blue sky! But Holly must enjoy it from her window seat.

  6. We don't always cuddle with our mom bean either Poppy. She says she finds it hard to sleep when one or more of us aren't there. Funny, we don't have that problem.

    We hopes the cold doesn't stay long, 4C is definitely chilly!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

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  8. That picture makes it look like you have nothing but soft bits everywhere, Poppy. Nothing sharp about you except your mind.

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