Friday, May 13, 2016


So Friday night was a bit of a bust at the house of Q.   The mumster went to have a little nap at 6.30pm after she had had her dinner, and woke up at 11.30pm.  She was on call last night and only got 4 hours sleep, so was a little tired.  So she has got up to come and talk to me, and potter round for an hour than she will head back to bed again.  Yippee for big Friday night in.

Mum has to work on Sunday, so Caturday is going to be all about the fun.  She has things planned, places to go and people to see.  Me - I have some snoozing to do, just like her.


  1. Poppy, dear, sleeping from 6:30 to 11:30 qualifies as more than a "little nap". This is serious slumbering! And it's good for Mum to recharge her batteries so she can zoom about on Caturday. Remember, we middle-aged ladies don't need the 20 hours of sound sleep required by middle-aged cats.

  2. The Beins don't sleep like we do. Sometimes they are all confoosed after just a 4 hour nap. We can't figure that out.

  3. It's nearly 2:30 over here Poppy!x
    I've just been out the front and cut the
    grass...Phew! Couple days of rain, and up
    it comes! Still, looks a lot better now.
    I'm going to settle down and watch three
    episodes of 'Last of the Summer Wine' at
    four o'clock! Got some left over rabbit for
    tea...And...That'll be me...!!!

  4. Your mum has to get sleeping and fun in when she can, with her schedule.

  5. Isn't call a bI&@h! The $€£ is good but it really can rob one of their health. Do be sure your Mum gets adequate sleep. Our Mum had been reading lots of literature lately on the importance of sleep and it turns out sleep is more important than anyone thought.