Saturday, May 21, 2016

Crabulated Caturday

I am a bit crabulated this Caturday.  Today I have been zooming in from the cat door and doing a running jump onto mums knees with all claws out.  This makes her squeal and knock me off, and she is  not very happy with this new game at all.

Today we were expecting horrid weather, but the day started off with blue skies and a bit of a breeze.  So mum got herself up early and headed out to visit a friend and have a wander.  They did quite a walk though town and had a good old chit chat as they walked.  Mum had the best lunch she has had in ages, nice tasty sausages with a potato and kale mash, with gravy and cranberries.  She said it was delicious , filling and value for money.  The best lunch out she has had in ages.

So after a wander, mum went to the library, and found a couple of interesting new books to read.  She stopped off at the supermarket and then got home in time for feast time and a bit of relaxing.

How about you guys, did you have a good Caturday?  Got some fun things planned?


  1. HaHa! Were you having a mad half hour Poppy!x
    Hope Mum had plenty of plasters...! :).

    We've got rain to~day, well more like drizzle
    really, good job l got out in the garden last
    week, tidied up and cut the grass and privet!

    I went to the supermarket yesterday, got some
    bit's and pieces...Though l did'nt have to pay
    for the cheese..I complained a month ago, that
    the company had put 'mature' into the 'extra mature'
    packaging...Twice! Sent a letter off..complained...
    and received 2 x £4:99 vouchers..Think that's just
    over $20 in your money...! I think..!

  2. Do changes in atmospheric pressure (a storm coming in) hurt your sinuses, Poppy, dear? My eldest cat is usually a very mellow lady, but storm clouds bring out her claws! Your mum's lunch sounds delicious -- but what is a kale and potato mash? Potatoes mashed with chopped kale rather than parsley?

  3. We think your game is highly entertaining and can't understand why your mum doesn't appreciate it, Poppy. :-p

    As for your mum, she had a lovely day, especially the lunch! :-)

  4. I had a quiet Caturday - my human was at a therapy pet workshop, but it was only for the humans, not us therapy pets.

  5. Your new game sounds fun, Poppy. We don't understand humans sometimes...

    Our Saturday was quiet ... Mum and Dad volunteered at the shelter, so we just hung out here ... a little bird TV, and lots of napping.

  6. I think I'd side with your mum on the new game, Poppy. Claws in, it'd be fine.

  7. Sausages n mash sound yummie little Pops. Hope you girls are snugly with the power out?. XO