Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Autumnal Tuesday

There is a tinge of Autumn in the air today.  We woke with low cloud where we could not see the hills, and the sun has swung round in the sky.  Mum was glad for a day off again to restore the spirit and body.   We slept in , and then mum pottered round for the day as the plumber was due at 2pm and true to their word, he even knocked on the door at 1.50pm and was done and cleaned up in half an hour after replacing our kitchen taps.  Awesome.

Mum did a bit of housework, with a much needed tidy up.  She has moved a  lot of the summer clothes away, and moved the winter clothes out and ready.  She wears a bit of a winter uniform, her fave jeans (black, blue, grey and burdgundy), with a variety of tops, a warm cardi, scarf and boots.  It all mixes and matches and mum thinks suits her more than summer clothing.  Time to sort out some old stuff that mum has for years, and is ready to discard.

So now off to bed.  Mum is reading a fascinating book A Decade of Hope which is written ten years after 9/11 and is the story of lots of people, from those in the towers to the first responders and family members who lost their loved ones on that day.  It not only talks about that terrible day, but about the impact it has had on their families and what they think about the political and social implications of terrorist attacks.  It has bough tears to my eyes many times, and is deeply moving.  Most of all it is a reminder to tell your loved ones that you love them each time to see them.

So mum is determined to not sit on the couch too long each night watching shows she has little interest in, but to head to bed early and snuggle up with her book, and with me if it is cool enough for me to want to sleep with her.  So night night.


  1. Sounds like a nice steady day Poppy!x
    I like to take things in my stride, at
    least then you know things are done

    And, l pop off to bed sometimes at eight.
    I have this arthritis in my neck, which
    gives me a bit of grief sometimes, so it's
    better when rested. I don't read, just watch
    a bit of telly...Then zzzzzzzzzzZ! :0).

  2. I wonder if your mum is finding less to interest her on television these days. Can they run out of ideas for programmes?

  3. poppy Q, N joy yur nite with mum; glad her getted a day off ta due what her wanted....de food serviss gurl haz knot put her winter clothez away....yet......at this rate, herz knot sure her ever will !! ♥♥♥♥♥

  4. Nice to have a day off, mum is taking Thursday and Friday off this week. She needs to recharge too and have lunch out with furiends both days! MOL.

  5. Brrr...we have the cold weather here too, after nearly ten days of lovely heat. There is lots of rain coming down and mom bean says it might freeze overnight in the next couple of days.

    Stay cozy Poppy and mum!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku