Saturday, May 14, 2016


It's Caturday evening here and I am kicking back and relaxing.  Seen Friday night was a bust for us (mum slept most of the evening away), she had lots to do today.  We woke up to a sunny warm day, such a surprise for this time of year.  Mum did a load of washing, and read her book before heading out for a walk into town.  She window shopped for a while and then caught a bus out to the seaside to meet her besties for some lunch.

The girls had a good old catch up, then mum and one friend went to see a little kiwi movie that was ok - nothing special.  Then mum made her way back into town.  She popped into the supermarket to get some rolls for her lunch tomorrow and something easy for her dinner.  Then home to light some candles, feed me my feast and relax for the evening.  Mum has to work tomorrow so no big night out for her.

Hope you all did some fun things today and had fun on your Caturday.


  1. I've just got home from town Poppy!x
    Quick look round, coffee at Costa..Then
    back home!
    Having a lemon tea and a chocolate muffin!
    Looking at you away with the fairies on the
    arm of the sofa...Bless!x

    I don't use candles, think their a bit dangerous,
    with a pussy~cat around anyway...I've always use
    those diffusers with the porous wooden sticks that
    sit in a 'smelly' liquid, that leaves a pleasant
    smell, around the room...And, it's safe..! :).

  2. Poppy, dear, your pose on the sofa does inspire us to take a nap. I, too, fear the use of candles because of Peekaboo's habit of dusting the furniture with his enormous white floofy tail. Nag Champra incense, that's the antidote of choice when windows can't be opened.

  3. Sound like a purrfect Caturday to us, Poppy.
    Hope your Sunday is an easy one, too.

  4. Not a bad Caturday at all. Resting at home with your Mum is the best part, isn't it.