Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunbeam Sunday

Hello sunbeams - we are glad you headed back for the day.  Mum didn't see many of them as she was stuck at work for most of the day.  The big bonus was that she got to see Miss Belle, her lovely favorite niece who came to spend the evening with her.   So mum took her out for a tasty dinner and then home to cosy on the couch and watch a movie - About Time  which mum loves.

Daylight savings has finished for us, so mornings should be a bit lighter but the evenings will be darker, and winter will be upon us soon.  We hope all of our Northern Hemisphere friends are enjoying the opposite - your spring is hopefully sprung.  So I am off to hide - cos I am a bit scared of strangers, even though miss Belle has been visiting me since I was a baby.


  1. Ah! Bless! At least you've had lovely
    sunbeams to enjoy Poppy!x
    It's been a nice sunny day over here,
    but a bit chilly! Still it's dry!
    I'm just going to put my dinner in...
    I've got roast pheasant to~day, with
    all the trimmings...Then a couple of
    games of footy on...! Hopefully no
    visitors! :).

  2. Poppy, dear, that's a grand shaft of sunlight warming your fur! Do hope you've got a toasty, cozy spot for hiding out. Have you tried burrowing under Mum's pillow?

  3. That is a lovely sunbeam you have there Poppy. It is pouring down here, but should clear off later this afternoon.

  4. Such a nice sunpuddle you've found, Poppy! Spring did spring here, but it snowed this morning! :-/

  5. Good place for a snooze :)
    Jenna totally understands. She's a momma's baby and hides when anyone comes around.

  6. How nice that you got a good sun puddle, Poppy!

  7. Enjoy that sunpuddle Poppy! We had a tiny bit of sunshine today but not for very long.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. Our spring? We had snow on Caturday!

  9. We hope you get lots of sun puddles to cozy up in Poppy!
    Sounds like your Mum had a nice visit with her niece.
    Oscar, Winston, and Emily