Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday Rays

 Today the sun was shining nicely which was great, as mum had the day off, so she got a little sleep in and helped me potter round.  No plumber, she rang another team but they never called her back - grrrr.  So she will be going through the list again tomorrow.

She did get the man round to fix her phone which hasn't worked for a couple of weeks,, which actually has been quite nice and convinced her that she should stop paying for a landline.  When you ring to book in someone to come and check your landline you get at least four warnings that if you are actually and idiot and haven't plugged your phone in properly you will be charged $200.  Mum has had this same problem two months ago, and her phone had a message on it that there was an error with the phone line, so she felt safe.

The guy complained about having to climb the 50 stairs up to our house with his ladder.  Alas being a maintenance man in our city is not easy as it is rather hilly with lots of little old streets and houses with horrible access.  So it only took him a swift hour and a half to fix.
Mum then played papparazzi with me - I sure look happy huh?  She went for a wander to the library and got some groceries.  It was some solid winter food for her dinner - mashed potatoes, broccoli and steak.  A feast for me, and some oranges for her supper.  Good on her having real foods.

Hope you all had a lovely day too.


  1. Just got changed to go into town Poppy!x
    I thought l wonder if anyone's posted!
    And...Here you are...HeHe! Looking lovely! :).

    I think workmen are a breed unto themselves...
    There just the same over here...Though, a little
    threat always helps. Like writing to the company,
    that seems to work. Telling them there will be 'NO'
    tea/coffee served...Keep it light hearted!
    I'm 'very' well known where l live..So l don't really
    get any problems! Keeps me busy! :)>

  2. Well, bully for the phone guy! He's paid to do this and he probably needed the exercise anyway! :-D

    A lot of people don't have landlines anymore, just their cell phone. It's tempting for our biped...maybe if she ever upgrades her cell phone and actually goes with a contract, not just a pay as you go deal.

  3. What is it with repair companies that don't return calls? Are they so wealthy that they don't need customers? That makes me growl, too.

  4. poppy Q....round heer ya can wait 200 hourz on HOLD til a reel purrson act shoo answerz de fone//questionz// etc. total lee awesum fotoz two day ♥♥♥

  5. We had sunshine today too which we love a whole lot. Mom bean says that trying to get service is getting more and more difficult. We say if the repairman didn't want to carry his ladder up those stairs, he ought to have grown taller.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku