Friday, April 15, 2016

Middle Aged Lady Night

The day that mum wasn't looking forward to at work, turned into an ok day - if not quite pleasant in fact - always helped by the fact of there being some free cake.  Then there were drinks after work to say goodbye to another young one leaving.  Don't worry - just two lemon/lime/bitters for mum as she is on call again.

Then some groceries and she came home to me.   A feast was given to me and mum made herself a ham and salad roll and scoffed it on the couch.  Candles were lit, and although mum would have liked to watch a movie - time is short, so an episode of SVU and a bit of Graham Nortons show, then time to let the electric blanket heat the bed.  I am snuggled up on the arm of the couch, eyeing up mums spot, as that is where I like to sleep the night away at the moment.

So we hope you are ready for weekending - got some fun stuff planned?  It is Caturday tomorrow - time to get your fun on.


  1. Glad Mum's day turned out o.k. Poppy!x
    AND...Free cake...What could be better!

    Yep! Ready for the weekend, though rain is
    forecast..raining just at the mo! Though not
    hard, just drizzle! And, it's brightening up to!

  2. Free cake! Our biped thinks any day with free cake is a good day. Unless it was dry cake. LOL.

    Have a wonderful weekend. We're having friends come and help with the baseboard trim, so at least one of us might be UTB yet again.

  3. What a coincidence, Poppy, dear! We enjoyed a magnificent full-sheet coffee cake at my job, too! One of the young women is preparing to host a party, and she kindly shared her practice cake with us. Yum!

  4. poppy q.....while fallz out yur way...spring iz SPOZED ta bee heer & we hope ta watch out de window; while de food servizz gurl tendz de gardin....heerz two a tiger shovelnose catfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  5. We hope your mum is not called into work. We had free cake at work today too. Keep warm, Poppy.