Friday, April 22, 2016


It is sunny here in the city, so mum has the doors and windows open and let me have my little bed out on the deck.  As soon as I see it I climb inside.  Yes it has a towel in it and a bath mat on top.  Just how I like it.

Mum had success getting hold of the plumber this morning, and they were round within the hour.  The tap is now off, and we are just loving the silence.  They did find a big crack in it and as they were having a busy day, and mum has to go to work at midday they will return in another week or so and replace the taps.  That suits mum.  She has a three day weekend and the noise of the tap was getting horrendous, so now at least we can hear the television and mums sleep might return to normal now.

Mum is still on call for the weekend, but an easy call, so hopefully she won't have to go into work at all.  So she is planning to take it easy.  She has already hoovered this morning, and got the washing started, so half the chores are done.


  1. That bed setup looks delightful, Poppy! So glad you and Mum were able to get ahold of the plumber, and that situation is on its way to being fixed. Hugs to you both.

  2. Thank goodness you found a plumber to fix the leak.

  3. glad the dripping tap is solved. It is COLD up here us girls have the fire on

  4. What a cozy bed you have Poppy!

    We're happy to hear the plumber came by and stopped the incessant dripping. Enjoy the peace and quiet!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. So glad the tap has been fixed Poppy!x
    No more Drip! Drip! Drip! Not the sort of Drip!
    you want round the place anyway!

    And, l must say, you look really regal on your
    towel and bath mat, very regal..! :).

  6. Your al fresco bed looks very comfy, Poppy. I am glad the nuisance tap has been silenced before it drove you and your mum mad.

  7. Well caught, Poppy, dear! Plumbers are tricky to track and capture, especially during weekday business hours. There's a lady plumber in my town who makes "house calls after hours for women who work" her specialty. She'll show up for breakfast and work under the sink cabinet while the homeowner gets dressed.

  8. Good news! If your mum has a dripping tap again, perhaps she can place a cloth under the drips, arrange it at an angle, so the water is absorbed along a slope of fabric. In any case, its preferrable to have no noise at all. A quiet weekend ahead!