Saturday, April 23, 2016

Casual Caturday

Mum took this photo of the top of my head, my kissing spots just at the top of my ears.  I tolerate the kisses, life is tough.

Mum and I had a little quiet day at home.  Mum slept in til 7.30 am and then got up and watched a documentry about the queen and her 90th birthday.  She loves the Queen and the Royal Family, The photos that have come out this week are just magic, especially the one of the Queen with her great grand children and the one with her corgis, even the one with her and Princess Anne.  Oh and the one with her and Charles, William and little George.

She did think about going into town, but mum decided to have a quiet day at home.   Dishes and washing were done, and then mum had a little nap.  Then she went and met some friends at a friends house for a yummy dinner, where the girls did lots of talking and laughing.  Friends are good.

Hope you all did something fun today.


  1. Yes! We had all the Queen thing on TV to Poppy!x
    I watch some of it...Love all the colours and
    marching bands..And at 90..she's amazing. Someone
    pointed out, even on Poppy Day, when she puts the
    wreath on the Cenotaph, she walks up the steps,
    places the wreath, and walks..backwards..down the
    steps! No help, no stick...! Amazing!

    But, yesterday it was over shadowed by the death
    of Prince...Sad!
    And, to~day is St Georges Day...You know, he killed
    the dragon, for the love of a lady! HeHe! I think he
    was very cruel..Strange though, people don't seem to
    celebrate it...Have'nt seen any flags about! :).

    Oh! Well..Lunch time, think l'll have a toasted bacon
    butty, a cold drink out on the patio...! Suns out! :).

  2. Sounds like a lovely day! I enjoy reading about the Royals and seeing their photos, too :)

  3. I'm a royal fan as well. My mum got me scrapbooking the royal family when I was little and I loved cutting out their photos from magazines and gluing then into a scrapbook. My daughter was not interested in doing it when she was younger. I still watch the Queen's speech each xmas much to the rolled eyes of the kids. I've been enjoying this blogger Who ever is the royal family social media person they are doing a fab job bringing the royal family into modern life. Loved the little handbag photo and George in his dressing gown.

  4. What a lovey Saturday your mum had! Our biped has seen some of those photos, they were great.

    HER Saturday has been five hours of running around for errands, then four hours of very amateurish DIYing. We tried to help her, because her projects would have been better had she let us, but you know what the humans can be like! :-D

  5. Our Mum loves the Queen too! Extraordinary woman. She's the last of her kind, most likely, and we are pleased and proud to have to have lived during her reign.
    I'm sure the queen would give you a kiss if she saw your kissing spots, dear Poppy.