Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Mum wonders how many more nights before I am snuggling back on her bed?  I haven't slept on her bed or even been into her bedroom in about six weeks.  I have slept outside, in my box or on the bathmat on the couch, but not with her.  But with the nights getting longer and cooler, she thinks the time will be soon when I feel the need for a snuggle.

We are watching a program about cat lovers on TV - at the moment they are talking to the woman who has 1000 cats at her property - holy moly!  How much must her fancy feast bill be?  She must have some big bed.


  1. 1000 cats ???? For Real ? Wow me and my mom got no idea how she can organise all things for cats in one day..Unreal !
    Happy Tuesday

  2. Think your spoilt for sleeping choices Poppy!x
    HeHe! Perhaps you've a problem with her after
    shave...!!! :).

    1000 cats..Yes! think l've seen that over here!
    Don't think she needs a bed..more like a field! :).

  3. Is that 1000-cat woman the one who runs the Cathouse on the Kings? My human has been there!

  4. I'm thinking you may soon be snuggling - last night Megs headed under the quilt on the bed three times, despite me also being there all night!

    Sending warm care and snuggles to you each and both

  5. Poppy, dear, this morning there was ice on the bird bath and 4 cats on my bed. Will spring never come?!

  6. A thousand? I don't suppose they are all fixed... What an opportunity for trap/neuter/release!

    My Tungsten was similar to you, Poppy. Though she was more of a snuggler, she didn't always sleep on the bed in the high summer. I have three others who like to sleep on the bed now, but when there is one in particular you like to have near you, you miss her when she's not there. Your mum is no doubt looking forward to your return to the bed.

  7. And I admire that picture of you, Poppy. How your mum ever got it is beyond me. I could never do that with mine - either get that close or have them keep their eye open.

  8. 1000 cats. A very lucky lady or a very harassed lady. Imagine all that meowing at mealtimes! My Holly sleeps on the bed every night - but then she believes the bed belongs to her and I must wriggle in around her.

  9. poppy Q.....we bet itz 25 mor nites bee for yur bak ta takin over mumz bed ...& inn deed... 1000 catz izza lot oh feast & a lot oh litter !!!

  10. The cool weather is comming Poppy. You'll soon remember how to snuggle.

  11. I sleep on the bed every night, summer and winter. Sometimes I go on the recliner after my mum and dad are asleep. That is a great photo of you.

  12. 1000 cats! We told mom bean that and she said the next time someone calls her the crazy cat lady she's gonna tell them she's definitely not.

    We bet your mom bean would love a snuggle at night Poppy. We mostly sleep with the mom bean though sometimes Sasha sleeps in the kitty bed on the floor. (Probably because Sami pesters him).

    Stay warm!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku