Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Spot

You may be sick of photos of me on mums bed, but in reality it is where I spend 80% of my time at the moment.   We had a lovely sunny day yesterday, but got a cold rainy day today.  Mum managed to zip out between rain showers and met a bestie for the final film at the film festival.   She then went and got some supplies in.

Mum got home just  as the rain started pouring which was good as the groceries stayed dry.  She got my feast ready and then we had a nap for an hour.  Mum made some spicy chilli mince which she had with salad and wraps.

I am still in the bed keeping it warm for mum - my best job.


  1. HeHe! We'll never get sick of photos of you Poppy!x
    Though..perhaps one day...Mum will make and tidy the
    bed up a bit...! :). sssssssh! don't tell her! :).

    It's a lovely day over here...suns out in all it's
    glory..few things on the line, drying away!
    I've just got back from the supermarket, l shop at
    Lidl's now, as they've open up a store, just up the
    bypass...! Fell out BIG time with Tesco...letters,
    e~mails all over the place..even in the local paper!
    It's dragged on for a few weeks now! And, at the end
    of it all...I've won the day! Must'nt let these supermarkets
    get away with robbing customers...! And, so say all of us! :0).

  2. You are such a thoughtful little puddy tat Poppy. I never keep the bed warm for anyone. Today I followed dad around helping him organise a load of wood.
    We never get tired of seeing your photos. You always have a different expression, be it a slightly sleepy one.
    I got ham again tonight with my nibbles. Dad said I had been so helpful. Really I was hoping a mouse might run out from the wood pile.

  3. Poppy, we never get tired of seeing pictures of you, no matter where you are when they're taken! :)

  4. Keep dry girls. We have the sun trying to shine today.

  5. My Josie is similar, Poppy. She isn't afraid of the rest of the apartment, she just prefers the bedroom - and the bed - and spends most of her time there.

  6. I usually sit on the back of mum chair or couch. Nice throws to keep me warm if needed.