Monday, March 26, 2018

Easter Prepping

Mum is getting stuff in for Easter.  14 rolls should do it.  Mum was almost down to her last 2 rolls today, which was making her nervous.

Mum says thanks for asking about her knee.  On Friday after walking home, which is all uphill, mums knee felt like it was going to collapse.  This happened about 4 times.  Over the weekend it ached a bit but was better today.  So much as mum needs a few walks on her days off she will try and rest her keg so that whatever is giving the niggle gets a rest.


  1. You can never have too much of the functiionalls. In fact you can never have too much of anything.
    Mum must look after that knee . They can be nasty but she will know that. Is she going on strike? I hope so. Xxx

  2. HaHa! well...that's a fine looking photo to be
    seeing this time of the morning Poppy! :).
    Bum~Fodder...And..What is Bum~Fodder..???
    Fodder for da Bum....!!! :).
    AND..Where does Mum buy her toilet rolls Poppy!x
    The 'Out of Shape Shop'...Oh! my goodness! What,
    an interesting subject to be talking about.....
    Made me feel quite flushed...!!! :).

    Oh! Pleased to hear Mum's knee is feeling better..
    Tell her to stop worrying about the toilet paper!
    After is only paper...!!! :0).

  3. That's hilarious! I can send you some...I have enough tp for more than a year right now. I buy the enormous packages of 30 double rolls from Costco, whenever I have access to a vehicle. I probably have close to 90 rolls at the moment.

    Have a great week, rest easy in your mind now that you won't run out over the holiday. :-D

  4. HeHe! Me again.....
    A wife sent her husband a romantic text message.
    She wrote: "If you are sleeping, send me your dreams.
    If you are laughing, send me your smile. If you are
    eating, send me a bite. If you are drinking, send me
    a sip. If you ate crying, send me your tears.
    I love you".
    Her husband texted back:~~
    "I'm in the toilet..please advise". :0).

  5. Mum never wants to run out on the toilet tissue, she is always over stocked! Hills are not good for knees, mum tries to not do many of them when she walks. Or at least not steep hills.

  6. I hope your human's leg is better with some rest!

  7. Our mum buys her rolls from Costco in those 30 roll packages. She just took the last 10 rolls out of our storage locker and now she's getting nervous. Think a Costco run may happen this week!

  8. Hope her knee feels all better soon!

  9. I am glad your mum's knee is getting better. I have an arthritic right knee from years of riding, but now my meds give me lots of aching joints. Getting older is no fun!
    I buy 24 Cushelle TP packs from Lidl when it is on offer so have 72+ rolls right now.

  10. i flew back to my mum’s vacant house and the first thing I did on the way from the airport was go shopping. Later in the day I was taken down with either a intestinal virus or food poisoning. Three days of absolute hell! I was thankful for every one of those toilet rolls. Best always to be prepared.
    ( One can always call out for food but not so toilet rolls.)