Thursday, March 15, 2018

Flowers For You

Mum had a busy day at work today.  Half way through she got a phonecall from a friend she hadn't seen in 15 years.  They arranged to meet up for dinner.  So she rushed home, gave me a pat and my feast, had a shower and got dressed and headed out.

They had a great time at dinner with heaps to catch up on.  When mum got home i wanted lots of  attention and pats and told her off for leaving me.  Naughty mum. 

She liked these flowers she saw on her holiday.  She doesn't have a green thumb, but appreciates other people's gardens.


  1. Ah! Pity Mum could'nt take you along Poppy!x
    I'm sure you would have enjoyed sniffing at
    all the human food! :).
    Still..Lots of attention and pats will make
    up for it l'm sure...!

    Oh! And tell Mum, l don't have a green thumb
    either..just the fingers...! HeHe! Seriously
    though, l'm not a gardener either, l keep the
    grass cut, the privet cut, l do a few hanging
    baskets in the summer, and that's about it...!
    But l do love to see flowers growing in gardens,
    and in the wild...Not! Not! Cut, and put in a
    silly vase on a window~sill...sacrilege! :(.

  2. What gorgeous colour those flowers are. If they are dahlias not good for picking they get earwigs..🤪 . What fun for mum meeting up with a friend after so long. They would have a lot of catching up to do. I have loved gardening since I was just three. I think you would find my garden a fun place to play in

  3. The flowers are lovely, Poppy. And how wonderful for your mum and her friend, to catch up after all that time!

  4. Your mom had quite the exciting time! So glad she could meet up with a long-lost friend! - Tom

  5. Beautiful flowers, but not as pretty as you.

  6. That was kind of you,Poppy, to allow your mum to spend the evening out with an old friend. It is always good to catch up with old friends. And the flower is pretty.

  7. That was a nice surprise for your mum. I'll bet she felt as happy as that tidy, pretty little flower looks.