Sunday, March 18, 2018


Well everbuddy in the city behaved themselves overnight on St Patrick's Day as mum only had to go to work once and got a good night's sleep.  She even got up early and washed the towels and sheets, and did the dishes.
She then went for a walk to the market and then to the cinema where Casablanca was showing.  It is one of those movies that she has seen parts of,  but had never seen the whole thing. 

After that she took another walk and then came home to relax.  More Queer Eye - which she watches in Netflix.  Such a nice show about men helping men and with tears and smiles at the end.  A nice remake full of joy, honestly I haven't enjoyed a show like this in a long time.

So last night on call tonight.  Wish mum luck!!  I need my sleep too and will be ready for her to sleep well the rest of the week.


  1. Brilliant...Casablanca...Can't remember how many times
    l've seen it, l'm a BIG fan of Humphrey Bogart...! :),.

    I'm looking out through the Paddington Bears curtains
    Poppy!x and everywhere is covered in snow, overnight,
    and still snowing! So, that's my trip to the supermarket
    done for to~day...never mind, plenty to around the house,
    and footy later this afternoon...!

    In the meantime l'm off for another lemon tea...or maybe
    a hot chocolate, made with milk...ooooO! l do spoil myself! :0).

  2. We hasn't watched da new Queer Eye yet, but momma did like it years ago.

  3. Dear poppy mum has sure been taking some really cute pics of you lately. Enlarged they just make me want to give you a big cuddle.
    Glad she is off that awful shift. Where would hospitals be without people like her that go out enjoying themselves and then disrupt her sleep. I hope they thank her heaps.
    I will see if I can get queer eye on utube. I am watching a series called Commander which I am enjoying. Sleep well sweet puss and talked care of mum. Xxx

  4. Poppy, we love this sweet and sleepy photo of you. We are sending purrs and prayers that Mum's last night if being in call is uneventful and quick. Hugs to you both.

  5. We hope your mum has a quiet night. And lots of rest for you, Sleepy Head.

  6. Glad your mum had a quiet St Pat's at work.