Friday, March 16, 2018


It's blustery and cool outside, and winter is sneaking towards us.  Mum cooked comfort food of bangers and mash for her supper.  She is on call tonight and not sure how much sleep she will get.  So I will have to have a snooze on her behalf.


  1. Our Spring should have started on the 1st of far we have'nt seen any of it, sunny
    last couple days, more snow forecast for the
    weekend! :). People up North, still without
    Gas, Electric and even there giving
    out bottles of it...! You'd need a lot to fill
    a bath...Oh! Well..Never mind! :).

  2. We hope your mum's sleep doesn't get disrupted at all!

    Just so you feel better about your cool weather: Our normal temps for this time of year are about plus 3C. Right now our windchill is minus 11! :-O

  3. Our winters may overlap, Poppy, since ours seems reluctant to leave.

  4. They say spring then summer is on the way. But it hasn't warmed up much here.

  5. we just got A VERY big snow storm and it was so FUN to play in!

  6. Yeah, too bad you can't transfer sleep hours to your human for reals, Poppy! Wouldn't that be awesome?