Friday, March 23, 2018


Mum was pleased when her friends texted at 10am to cancel evening plans.  That meant when she got home she could crawl onto the bed with me and snooze.  Then she got up and had a shower, put her dressing gown on and eat toast and then some ice cream.

Now to bed again as she has an early start again tomorrow. 


  1. That sounds like the good life. 🍦

  2. Sometimes, cancelled plans really work out!

  3. Unusual for me..but l've been out in town for
    four hours, always the same when l walk, l bump
    into Tom, Dick and Harry! HeHe! Met a friend
    for coffee, chatted, then started my walk home,
    who did'nt l bump into...Still met some lovely
    old friends and caught up with old
    l'm ready for a bit of lunch...
    Sweet dreams you two...!x

  4. Extra snoozing sounds fabulous to us! :-)

  5. Sometimes a human needs rest more than she needs socializing, I've found.