Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday Relaxing

Mum and I slept in - bliss.
The sun was shining so washing got on the line.  Brunch was eaten.  Mum went into town to the library and have a little walk around.  She has had a sore knee so couldn't walk her usual distance and took a bus home.

The rest of the afternoon was resting with me - bliss.  We are lucky girls.


  1. All sounds good Poppy!x Except for Mums knee..
    You'll have to start sleeping on the other one..! :).

    Just got back from the supermarket..l'm being civilised
    to~day and having roast chicken, roast potato's, parsnips,
    onions and leeks...they had Parma ham with 30% l
    bought a few packs of Parma ham..! Just right
    for tea...! Yum! :0).

  2. That lovely photo tugs at my heartstrings. I left Wellington when I was 8 but have been back a zillion times.
    Do you think where you are born is engraved in your soul?

    Really sorry mum has hurt her knee. How did that happen? Not good with a job liners.’take care dear mum. Xxx

  3. Your Sunday with Mum sounds so relaxing and wonderful, Poppy.

    Sorry to hear about Mum's knee. We hope she feels better soon.

  4. We too had a relaxing day full of sun - Holly enjoyed the sunpuddle indoors while I braved the cold. Your poor mum - we hope her knee heals soon.

  5. Ah, that does sound blissful. But what happened to your mum's knee?

  6. Always nice to have a sleep in. Hope your mum's knee doesn't get too wonky.