Monday, March 19, 2018


Mum is trying to recover from 3 night of being on call.  I am searching the skies for birds.


  1. Oh! Poor Mum...I hope she's got her feet up
    and having a little snooze Poppy!x I think
    you should go and keep her company! The birds
    will be there tomorrow! :).

  2. Poor mum ! What a horrible part of her job having that call out in it. She must really love what she does to put up with that. I can’t help but wonder what tole that is taking on her body.
    Mum needs a long luxurious holiday. When is she due for a few weeks off?
    You are such a good girl Poppy. That is one special treasure she has in her life being lucky enough to have you. Keep looking up for the birdies. You might get lucky. 🐞 🐭🐭🐭

  3. Your human had a really rough schedule there!

  4. noe yur knot poppy Q.....NOE....YUR.......KNOT !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~


  5. I hope your mum gets the chance for some rest and relaxation.

  6. Glad the call is over and that you get all recovered.

  7. Oh, my word, that would be very hard on me. Your mum is a trouper. A tired trouper, no doubt.