Monday, March 12, 2018

I'm Back Baby!

I'm back friends.  Mum had a nice break away with friends.  There was shipping, walks, relaxing and lots of eatingand drinking done.  The alarm was turned off and mum enjoyed a break.

I well I had to go the cat hotel and I was glad that mum came and rescued me today.  She stayed home with me this afternoon and we bonded again.

We missed you all  - but mum said it was nice to have a technology break. 


  1. Ah! Bless! Missed you to Poppy!x
    Though l did look through some of your
    older posts..kept me chuckling....!
    So pleased your back...!x

  2. Everyone needs a break from their routine, and especially a break from technology these days. We're glad you're home, though, Poppy!

  3. Glad you are back, Poppy, and glad your mum had a nice break.

  4. I am glad your mum enjoyed her break. You are looking lovely, Poppy.

  5. Welcome back Poppy Q. Hope you survived the cat Hotel okay & sorted them all out in there!!