Thursday, March 1, 2018


As mum got home late from work last night I got her a present.   She gave me my feast and then I rushed out into the garden and caught her a mousie.  She went to chase me out with it so if course I dropped it - so now we have a mouse in the house.  Mum is not pleased with me. 


  1. HaHa! Nice one Poppy!x Bless! Mum can't
    really complain, at least it's only one! :).
    Perhaps she'll like it..and give it a name! :).
    Never mind, l'm sure you'll sort it out !

    It's supposed to be the first day of Spring
    over here...though looking out the window,
    it's very white with snow, with an 'orange'
    alert for tomorrow!
    So..l'm off back to bed with my lemon tea,
    for half an hour more..! :).

  2. Oh Poppy you are a little trick. Think of all the fun you will have hunting it all night. When you catch it again perhaps you will jump up and show mum how clever you are.
    You can have a little midnight snack 😋

  3. Oh poppy. How rude to not want your gift!
    But dropping it in the house, probably wasn’t a good idea. It might eat all your dinner lol

  4. Poppy, humans can be SO ungrateful about such things! When we had rats in the house, I would find them for my human to catch, but she was rarely grateful about it.

  5. Oooh, awesome gift, Poppy! How ungrateful of your mum, though. Let's hope she's had a chance to reconsider and make amends to you by letting you keep it...when you find it! :-)

  6. How wonderful! Now you have a cute little playmate, Poppy.

  7. You'll find it, I'm sure, Poppy.

  8. poppy !! a mouz in de houz.. N just in time fora rhyme... ta sell a brate dr seuss day ! ☺☺♥♥

  9. You just need to catch it again, then dead it. Leave it somewhere where she will see it.