Saturday, March 17, 2018

Fantastic Caturday

 Hey kids, it's Caturday again.  Mum is tired as she is on call overnight.  She got up twice and went to work, so she slept in this morning with me.
 We said goodbye to our fan and put it into hibernation for the winter.  Thanks fan - we were glad to have you for the summer.  The summer sheets are being swapped for flannel, and mum is going to put the sandals away too.
The best thing about mum finishing at 6am was that she got to go the supermarket at 6am and stock up on my favorite feast flavours.

Mum relaxed for the afternoon with a bag of chilli chips and the 2018  Queer Eye which is sooo good.

Hope you all did something fun today.  Enjoy your Caturday   Ohhh and Happy St Patricks Day to you all too - hope you are having a touch of green for your day.


  1. Ah! Bye! Bye! Fan...Hope it has a nice rest!
    Well...the day is just starting over here,
    just on my way to get changed to go to town,
    and snow is forecast for the weekend, have'nt
    seen any yet, though the sky looks a funny
    colour..! :(.

    Oh! Yes! Happy St Partricks Day to one and
    all...Hope you find a four leaf clover! :).

  2. I wish we were preparing for summer the way you guys are already preparing for winter! It's still cold and rainy here.

  3. Gee, it seems your summer passed so quickly, whereas our winter is SOOOOOOO freaking long. LOL.

    Happy St. Paddy's Day!

  4. Wow ! That is quite a load of food Poppy! Mum must have thought you were looking a bit thin. No chance of that now. Ask mum Queer eye is will you ?
    I left a post last night but I see it vanished. I wonder where it went. Sleep well you two and no midnight snacking. 🍭

  5. I love being able to put away a big supply of anything - cat food is a prime target.