Friday, March 2, 2018

No Sign

There is no sign of Mr/Mrs mousie, although I am still looking and sniffing around the living room.  Mum would rather we found it and got it out then it makes its house in our place. 

Mum finished her evening shift last night, and got a couple of hours sleep and then back to work today.  It was a nice day and she went for a wee walk after work.  A visit to the library and then home by 6pm.  Some feast for me and mum had some spicy chicken nibbles for her dinner and now she is going to chill out for an hour or two.  No time for sleep ins over the weekend, she has plans and needs to be in charge of the house and to be on mouse guard duty.  She needs to earn some money and buy some mousetraps.

We hope you have lots of nice things planned for your weekend.


  1. HeHe! Ah! Poor Mr/Mrs Mousie...Perhaps it's popped off
    to get the rest of the family! :).
    If Mum buys some mouse traps Poppy!x Don't do sniffing
    round it...You might loose yer nose! :).

    I'm home for the second day running...the weather is
    very bad over here, snow, ice, cars stuck on motorways
    for hours and hours..they've got the army out now!
    It's bad down here in the south, a lot worse up there
    in the north, especially Scotland...! So, Spring won't
    be here for while yet! :0(.

  2. Hmmm... I wonder where that mousie went!

  3. Getting a mouse trap very good idea. We had a lot of rain for a day and night last week and my human saw a mouse in the kitchen. He put juicy peanut butter on the trap ( much better than cheese ) and in the morning there was a dead mouse. That happened two more mornings in a row but since then, no more. We don’t know how they got in but they wanted out of the rain.
    Good luck mum. Don’t put the trap where Poppy can get a toe caught.

  4. Mousie will be back and you'll be ready! Mousetraps? Here's an idea. Eat some cheese and open wide, hehe - Tom

  5. Poppy, we thought you were your mum's mousetrap! MOL

  6. We hope that mousie found a way out and didn't die somewhere in the house!

  7. We hope the mousie found its way out. But as things go, a mousie that found its way out will most likely find its way back in.

  8. Gee, if you lived closer we could send you mousie traps. We don't get them inside anymore.

  9. poppy; may bee ya knead ta confezz N tell mum ya eated de mouz yesturrday ~~~~ ☺☺3♥

  10. Poppy, are you on mouse duty? We hope the mouse finds another place to call home and leave and your mum alone.