Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Too Much?

Mum saw this at a shop in town.  Very cute, but she thinks it could be a bit much for a middle-aged lady. - maybe ok if she were 12.  Best to avoid a trendy sheepskin too - I don't like to sleep or step on them.


  1. HaHa! When l first saw it..l thought what's
    that bed Poppy's on..! :).
    There's only one place a sheepskin should be,
    and that's on a sheep! :).

  2. That’s marvellous. You haven’t lost your love of fun and a bit of luxury well deserved. Go mum!!!
    Poppy you need to adapt but I love you anyway.

  3. We agree with Willie about where sheepskin belongs. Though we do like our cheap Ikea faux sheepskin "rugs"! :-)

    The comforter/duvet is cute. If your mum really liked it, if it "spoke" to her, there's no reason not to have it, no matter what one's age. Who cares if anyone else thinks it's for a younger person or is a bit much. Life's too short to be bound by those so-called rules about what one should or shouldn't do, like or not like (barring harming another Being, of course).

  4. My human would totally get these! And she is about four times 12 and then some.

  5. Why not get it. Who else will see it besides the two of you. Have fun with your sleepy spot.

  6. Heck, no. I have learned that after a certain age, I do what I want, barring anything that may hurt someone. If others don't like it, too bad for them.