Saturday, March 3, 2018


We keep seeing weather reports on the news of the storms in the UK and the US on our news.  We thought you would like a glimpse of our morning and evening skies today.  It was a balmy 27 deg C here today but has cooled down to 18 deg tonight so mum should be able to get some sleep.

Mum was up early and met a bestie.  They went to a fair and bought a few little treats for themselves.  It was a nice day for a wander round eating and drinking some tasty things.

I relaxed at home and waited for mum to come home and then she gave me a big relaxing comb which I tolerated for 5 minutes.

We hope you had a nice Caturday and did something fun.


  1. Well, l made it into town..just!
    And, l've just got home, it was safer walking in
    the road, than the pavement, l remember when shop
    keepers used to clear the outside of their shops!
    Don't seem to bother now! Still, at least the
    charity shops where open, bought a couple things!

    So, l'm off for a lemon tea and an almond slice,
    that's me until Monday...Hopefully! :).

  2. They are really lovely photos of warm day clouds. Down south we get beautiful skies too on warm or hot nor’west days only the clouds join in long streaks.
    We had a prunus tree die due to lack of water. We do our best but 4 hours full on runs the tank dry.
    Good for you poppykins putting up with a comb. You are a funny we sausage. I have never had a cat who hasn’t responded to a comb tapping a box or outside table. They all loved it and would roll over , arms up and die of joy when they got their tummies and armpits combed.
    Different strokes for different folks - or cats. Love you

  3. Those clouds are pretty. We call it a mackerel sky. Do you call it that in NZ?

  4. It's rainy here, so I am stuck inside, unfortunately.

  5. Our weather has been nice too. Although it was hot yesterday it cooled down over night
    Low 20’s today. Very nice indeed
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

  6. Very summery, your skies look. WE keep getting snow...