Saturday, March 24, 2018

Hello Heater My Old Friend

 So mum packed the sandals away, and slipped an extra blanket on the bed.  And she welcomed back my old friend - the heater.
Mum worked today and then visited the supermarket to get stuff for an easy dinner for herself and some feasts for me.  She then filled up on small Easter eggs while watching Murder On The Orient Express.  Sure feels like autumn.

I hope you did something fun today for your Caturday.


  1. Easy dinner sounds good! We hope your mum didn't forget about your Feast, Poppy. :-)

    Enjoy your Sunday...Our Caturday is just starting, and other than a haircut, our biped has the usual errands and house cleaning on the agenda. Fun fun. LOL.

  2. Warm over here Poppy!x Though more snow
    forecast for early next week..And the clocks
    go on an hour to~night, so it'll be brighter in
    the mornings...Hate the dark! :(.

    Still..l'm off for a lemon tea, and there's one
    almond slice left...Yum! :).

  3. I don't think we will be saying goodbye to heating for some time yet. It should feel like Spring but is more like the Arctic! More snow forecast for Easter!!!

  4. It's supposed to be spring here, and our heater is still on!

  5. Must've turned cold down your way Poppy Q. Still warmish up here ... Blackie & Pippi are not getting the heater just yet though Miss Pippi would love it I am sure.

  6. Still warm and having to get the garden watered here. That costs us in power same as heaters!
    I always love April. Everything is warm and the garden colours are mellow. Don’t think that will happen this year. Hoping..

  7. Looks like a storm coming in. A nice night to stay in - with the heater!

  8. poppy kewl iz thiz fotoz mum cap sured !!!! :) ♥♥