Sunday, March 4, 2018


We had another lovely day of summering here in the city.  Mum missed most of it she was up at 5am and walking to work at 6.30am in the dark.  By the time she finished at 3pm it was hot and sunny. 

Mum let me sniff her shoes and then us girls took a wee nap on the bed.  A perfect summers afternoon.


  1. The snow has nearly gone down here where
    l am Poppy!x Walked into town yesterday! the suns out and it 10 degrees
    outside..but up north it's still bad, no
    gas/electric, and people still stuck in cars
    in snow! Hopefully they will get things moving

  2. Poppy, dear, at first glance I thought you said you and Mum were "simmering". What a lovely day for a nap!

  3. Does that shoe smell like your beloved mum Poppy? Perhaps she will leave it with you when she goes to work.

  4. Summering sure sounds great, Poppy!

  5. Bummer she missed a nice day. That is what mum disliked about working, being able to get outside when it was nice.

  6. I'm glad your human got to at least enjoy part of your summer day!