Tuesday, May 19, 2020


You were right my clever friends.  After a summer absence  my shopping  bag has been restored  to its rightful  place back on the bed.

Mum might like you to think it is a diversion  tactic  to keep  me off her heated electric blanket.   I like to think that it us because  she loves me.


  1. Ah! We ALL love you Poppy!x
    I must say..l did cheat a bit, as l did
    go back through some of your old posts..
    Just to see if l could see it was the bag!
    And..Yep! There it was..! The bag! :).

  2. You look like a winner! But I think mum will let you on the heated blanket if you give her snuggles.

  3. mum doez lovez ewe poppy Q; sew due we all ~~~~ happee twooz day; we hope yur countree iz still vy ruzz free :) ♥♥

  4. Haha! Well, it could be both reasons, Poppy, they're not mutually exclusive. :-D

  5. Oh yes, it's mostly because she loves you, Poppy!

  6. Oh yeah, heated blanket or shopping bag - that's a hard choice!