Tuesday, May 5, 2020


All hail the hail!  Its s bit cold and raining outside with a lovely smattering  of hail .  Mum even treated herself to a taxi ride to and from work in this stormy weather.  She will leave supermarket  shopping  until tomorrow  when the weather is meant to be sunny.  A taste of winter for us.

Another day with no covid 19 cases in the country.  It was interesting  to read that in France  they have gone back and retested pneumonia cases from last year and found a case from December, indicating that the disease has been round for weeks earlier  than first thought.

Also mum recommends reading this article from the UK about what Health Care workers need by Dr Rachel Clarke.  Clapping is fine, but not flypasts or medals.  Staff there need PPE and pay rises. 


  1. We are supposed to be in Spring but it is hailing here also, mixed with heavy rain and gale force winds.
    That is very good news to have 2 days with no new cases of Covid 19.
    I am worried that they will ease too many restrictions too quickly here and we will see another peak.

  2. We had some hail back last Sunday..Certainly came
    down, and the noise..! :(.
    But it's brightening up..l popped up to the supermarket
    at eight this morning, few bits and pieces, not a lot,
    then into town to the post office and bank..l was back
    home by eight thirty..All done..! :).

    Yes! Saw your PM on TV this morning two days of zero
    cases..that is good, lot of ideas coming out over here,
    they want to introduce an App..so that they can keep
    track of people who have it, or are near it..It starts
    to~day in the Isle of Wight..if successful it will go
    nationwide..in a couple weeks..!

    I also see in the newspapers on line that China are
    still selling live bats, turtles, guinea pigs, besides
    chickens, ducks, pigeons etc..
    One of the theories regarding this virus is that it
    came from bats..via bat soup, that the Chinese are
    so fond of..Perhaps one day..we'll get all the
    answers..! God Bless!x

  3. New Zealand has done really well through this, as has Australia, from what I've been seeing reported on the news. Good job to all!

    Yesterday our province opened garden centres for click and collect, no in-store browsing, and some construction projects can resume, with proper protocols in place. Ontario still has increasing numbers, with somewhere between 350-550 new cases every day, on average. I supposed that's to be expected in a province with almost 15 million people. Other provinces, with the exception of Quebec which has been the hardest hit, are doing far better, with 0 new cases for an extended time period, or very low numbers of new cases. I'm living in the wrong province for sure.

    I hadn't heard that a case of presumed pneumonia in France actually was COVID. I'm sure that wasn't the only one.

    I'd like to see real positive change from all of this (in Canada specifically, I mean). Better preparedness for future crises and far, far less reliance on China for personal protective equipment.

    Anyway, this whole living through history isn't fun...though better than dying through history!

    Take care and stay well.

    P.S. We're supposed to be well into spring and as I type this at 6:13 AM our time, it's minus 1C out. The weekend forecast has snow flurries! It could be record-setting cold. Such a difference from last Sunday's plus 18C!

  4. Not liking the cold here, we expect below freezing temps for the next 5 or 6 nights. Spring is sure slow
    to come in the north. Some places even worse than here in Ohio. Glad to see still no new cases of covid 19 for
    you all. Hoping it lets up elsewhere and would like to know how it really started. Hope your cold does not
    come on too harsh.

  5. Practical rewards are nice. I fear that attitudes will return to the way they were once all this is over.

  6. all hail the hail !!!! ☺☺☺☺ good one poppy Q and good noe mor casez were added two de list :) ♥♥

  7. Stay safe, we are hoping you get no new cases.