Sunday, May 10, 2020


I was nice to my mum for Mothers Day and let her sleep in.  It was another  mild autumnal  day but just enough  warmth  to dry the towels.  We are over the scaffolding  dominating  the view of the back yard but lately mum has used some of it to hang  the washing  off, as the sun has moved away from our garden and is blocked by the flats next door.

Naughty  neighbor  cat tried to  sneak in the house, but I chased him  off.  Mum was impressed  with my hissing skills.  This old girl still has some talents.


  1. I was gonna say, the builders/painters have been
    there a long time..! have a lovely window
    to look out of..!
    And you hissing..No! I don't believe it..perhaps we'll
    see a video of it..Poppy!x hissing..Bless!x

  2. So, Poppy, did you serve mum treats in bed for Mother's Day?
    Glad you had a glimpse of sun before the shadows overtook.
    And the intruder! Well, you handled that like a pro cat-chaser.

  3. How nice that you let Mum sleep in on Mother's Day, Poppy. Good job chasing that introoder neighbor cat away!

  4. A kitty trying to intrude into YOUR house? I'm glad you set that interloper straight, Poppy.

  5. Good work keeping the introoder out, Poppy!

  6. Living in a building site is very annoying
    Great job on finding the silver lining and hanging the washing
    Good girl poopy. No one allowed in the house

  7. You're never too old to guard the house, eh, Poppy?