Thursday, July 30, 2020

1st Time

1st attempt at the new blogger format.  Mum has to figure out how to load photos.  She's  not good with change.
A photo, but now the alignment  is off, but okay for her initial  attempt.   Good  luck tomorrow  mum.


  1. I'm glad l don't have that problem..
    My Blog is a one off..though since learning
    to copy/paste l do change a few photos now
    and again, but l see you can stay on the old
    format for a while..but it will be permanent
    at the end of August..I think..
    I'm keeping a link to the out way, and use that
    if l need to..
    I've done that with my Outlook mail to...and,
    it works..
    I don't like change either..why can't they
    just leave things alone..! :(.

  2. I use new blogger but you can tell I don't do much
    in the way of alignment or even indention. Don't like
    technology all that much. But Poppy you look great any
    ways at all.

  3. poppy q ya look gorgeouz N mum did grate ♥♥♥.... pleez ta tell mum if her wantz stuff aligned; click on de three tiny dots next ta de crayon, then
    click on de bunch oh linez next two de smiley face...

    yesterday it taked all most three hourz... bee for R post went live ....

    itz takin gettin used two thatz for sure :)

  4. Ohhhhh Yuck Poppy & Mum ... I see they have changed mine over this morning too. Hate change - takes me long enough to get used to anything then for no reason - they have to go & change it!!!!!

  5. Looking at the post, I'm guessing that blogger is imitating the Wordpress approach to doing everything in blocks? My human doesn't like it that way at all. It took her a while to get used to it on the other blog I run. My regular blog is self-hosted so we have the it the old way.

  6. Blogger hasn't forced us to move yet. We looked at it a while back and didn't really like it.

  7. My use of it hasn’t been a problem, so far as I can tell, though I don’t like the format for cataloguing my entries or for moderating comments…

  8. The new blogger doesn't show any icons for uploading photos on Android. Very difficult.