Friday, October 23, 2020


Mum finished her working day last night and went into town.  It was sunny and the bars were busy.  There is a yearly burger competition  that the bars and restaurants compete in and mum and a bestie went to the waterfront  for a glass of wine and a beef and pulled pork burger.   The burger  was tasty and the chips tasty and somewhat expensive.   Mum is such a lightweight  that coming home, her one glass of wine made her fall asleep on the couch at 8pm.  She missed posting for me, and her neck was a bit sore from nodding off literally. 

Today is her day off and after a drs appointment,  she is off to meet bestie number 2 for a wander round some shops and another  burger.  Tonight she may skip the wine and have a lemon, lime and bitters instead.  That way I can get a proper snuggle when she gets home.

Bars, cafes, restaurants  and the mall are all operating as normal here with contact tracing, but no masks.



  1. Ah! Morning Poppy!x
    Well it's morning over here HeHe! :).
    Just had usual fry up,
    can't start the day without that...!
    Recycling day to~day, so just put the
    wheelie bin out..!

    Few things to do around the home to~day,
    so won't be going out..!
    Pop off and see who else is on the PC..! :)

  2. I'm not sure Poppy, but it looks to me like you were the lightweight and fell asleep. Glad your mom had a good time and hope she has another enjoyable evening tonight. And a good weekend for snuggles.

  3. It is nice that your mum can get out and meet with furiends. Mum is still being super careful about who she meets up with and eating out.

  4. happee week end poppy Q & best dreemz...hope mum haza grate week end two, tell her ta pleez N joy a samich ore 7 for uz with thanx ;) ♥♥

  5. I am glad things are getting back to normal for you. I do miss our holidays and meals out. It is our anniversary today and I celebrated by having a pre op. Covid test and us both isolating until I go in on Monday.

  6. New Zealand handled covid very well, and continues to do so. Partly the advantage of being an island nation, and partly from having a government that cares about its people.