Saturday, January 9, 2021


 Mum had a good day off.   She got washing on the line and a couple of jobs done before she went and met a bestie.  They went to a cafe for some tasty lunch, she had fancy fish and chips.   The girls wandered around the museum and then went to the mall.  Mum got herself some pink pillowcases and a couple of small treats.  She got home in time to have the evening with me.

We chatted, and I asked mum for treats 3 times and she gave me a couple at a time.  I'm so lucky! So its tortilla wraps for mum for dinner tonight and I've gone to bed waiting for mum to test drive the new pillows.


  1. ooooO! Pink pillowcases..goodness! :)
    I have pink pillowcases fact l
    have a pink duvet cover, pink curtains..
    In fact my entire bedroom is pink...! HeHe!
    So is my bedroom..but..that's another story! :)

    1. What do you think Poppy? If Willie wears a pink nightshirt would you be able to find him?

  2. Poppy, dear, those are lovely, plush pink pillows! I'm sure you'll enjoy kneading them into shape for your mum.

  3. Lovely summery pillow looks good with dark grey fur. And you got treats too.
    Sounds like mum treated herself, and that's a good thing for a working lady.

  4. Not only freshly laundered pillow cases, but brand new ones. Nice - for both of you.

  5. Those pillows look great, Poppy. And how wonderful that Mum gave you treats when you asked her for them!

  6. The pillowcase looks luscious. Is it made of candlewick ?. That was quite the thing for bedspreads in the 70s. Nice to see it’s made a comeback. Poppy would you please ask mum to take more photos of her meals. They too were delicious. 🥰