Thursday, January 21, 2021


 Mum has 4 days off now and ready for us girls to chill out and relax.  She might get more steps in and go for a couple of walks, and take more flower photos.   She wants to do more fun things and less chores this weekend, maybe a cafe or a movie?


  1. Oh! What lovely flowers Poppy!x

    Well, the weather lady was right,
    after three days of rain, wind and
    floods, dry with sunshine down here
    in the south, though it's bad up north,
    floods etc..people being evacuated from
    their homes..! :(.

    And the virus deaths have gone up to 1,800+
    yesterday, with 1,600 the day
    average of 900 a day..!
    Though the vaccine is having some affect,
    as less people are contracting'll
    take until March for it to be in some way,
    better..! Hopefully!

  2. For wonderful days off enjoy your summer time Poppy. Hope you to get lots of steps in the sunshine and more flowers to look at. Sounds lovely. We'll just put on our heavy coats here and think about you.

  3. I hope your mum enjoys her relaxing days off. I really miss going out and feel like I have been a prisoner for the last 10 months, but at least I am staying safe.

    1. That's a good way to put it. I've been working from home since March 18/20 and it looks like that will continue for most, if not all, 2021. It's very wearing on one's mind and spirit, but yes, at least we're staying safe. Take good care of yourself!

  4. The flowers look like hydrangeas. Whatever they are, they're pretty.

    Enjoy those 4 days! It's been so long since the biped had fun, she doesn't remember what that is anymore. :-P

    Take care!

  5. poppy Q....happee 4 day two ewe N mum; we hope her can get out N get sum mor fotoz oh flowerz two....we troo lee N joy em when ya post on yur blog...two dayz flowerz bee awesum !! ☺☺♥♥

  6. That’s a beautiful hydrangea. It’s surprisingly all the flowers are looking so good with the weather we have been having. Have a really enjoyable break.

  7. I always have my Saturday night movie, which is very relaxing for me. But weekends are also days for me to catch up on chores...