Sunday, January 17, 2021


Mum felt productive today.  Breakfast while watching the Antiques Roadshow, which she got half way through and realized that she had watched before.  The weather was looking stormy, but she headed out to meet her friends and eat some cake.

By the time she headed home the sun was peaking through, so she got some flower shots on the way home.  She has enough to show you all week!!


  1. Simply beautiful roses Poppy. I look forward to seeing the other flowers she saw. Our Antiques Roadshow is on in the evenings.

  2. I know l've said it before, but l love
    The Antiques Roadshow..and l don't mind
    watching the repeats..after all, some of
    the items may have gone up in value..HeHe!
    I always like the last valuation, as that's
    always a bit special..couple weeks ago,
    someone bought a car~boot sale for
    five pounds..(£5)..turned out it was Ming..
    And worth £275,000..What ever you do...Don't
    drop it..! :).

    Busy in the kitchen at the mo..few things
    on the go..Lamb for lunch to~day..New Zealand
    lamb..what else..! Last of the whole New
    Zealand leg l got for Christmas..Lovely! :).

    Nice flowers to Poppy!x Goes nice with the
    sunshine, that we have down south here,
    though bad weather up north..! Snow! Ice!
    Rain! Goodness! :(.

  3. Those flowers look so lush and beautiful, Poppy. We bet they smelled nice, too.

    Glad to hear your mum was able to meet up with friends, and that it did not, in fact, storm. :)

  4. Such fresh- and clean-looking blooms.

  5. Purrty flowers. Mum and I have been watching the sailing from Auckland. The capsize was Wow!