Saturday, January 2, 2021


Mum is having a relaxavacation - that is a holiday of a few days off work.  She stocked up on a pile of magazines and books 📚  and turned the alarm clock off and stayed up late reading, and watching old episodes of The Repair Shop.  The weather has been overcast and drizzling, so mums summer tan will be slow to come this year.   I am happy to be relaxing too - in fact I am a specialist in this area.


  1. ooooooO! THE REPAIR SHOP...ooooooO!
    My most favourite program on TV at the
    Does Mum watch it with a box of tissues
    nearby..l have's a lovely program!

    We've been put up from tier 2 to tier 3..
    So more restrictions, London has been put
    up to tier 4..and now there talking of a
    tier 5..?
    Still, there putting out the vaccine as
    quickly as possible and asking for volunteers
    to'll take a while..!

    And..Yes! Pussy~cats are experts in sleep...!

  2. So great that your mom could get some good reading from the library. I'm still able to do pick up at the window and take full advantage of it. And Poppy you are most certainly an expert sleeper. Everyone has a field that they are best at, and cats do the sleeping quite well..

  3. We hope you both enjoy the days off! The biped returns to work on Monday, after 16 days. It's going to be a challenge, even just to go upstairs and turn on the computer in the office. She's never had that much time off in the 20 years she's been working there!

    Have fun!

  4. Relaxavactions are the very best Poppy. I'm sure you know all about this my little furry friend. Hope Mum & you both enjoy some relaxing days together - looks like Mum has a good reading stash there. xx

  5. Sounds like you're teaching Mum all about relaxing. Good job, Poppy!

  6. Grey and wet without, snug and comfy within; days off with books and Poppy. It sounds like a good time for your mum, Poppy.