Friday, January 22, 2021



I have been helping mum to watch the news the past couple of nights.  The inauguration fills the news even here in New Zealand.  We hope that America can move on, deal with Covid and we only wish good things for their people.

I had to go to the vets this morning for my joint injection.  Mum let the 2nd year vet student do my injection as it was super quick and she did a good job.  Mum also got the student to listen to my heart murmur.  I have lost a little weight which concerns mum a little.  She likes the vet practice and I have gone there since I was an itty bitty kittie, but the last four visits I have seen four different vets which is a bit frustrating. 

So after a little sulk when I got home, I got some treats and felt better.   Mum did her something fun and went to the garden center.   Go mum!!!


  1. None of us like going to the vet Poppy!x
    Always best to get checked out, l go once
    a year for my MOT..My doctor phoned me last
    November, to see if l was o.k. and still alive!
    HeHe! She phone because she had'nt seen me in
    over a year! So ALL o.k. Trouble with my arthritis
    in my neck, had 12yrs now, but not life threatening! :).

    Lovely day to~day, winter sunshine and very bright,
    but still cold..! After all that rain..! :(.

  2. Thank you Poppy for the good thoughts my country and we certainly hope things get better here. I may he be able to get a vaccine for covid in just a couple weeks we will see. You're a good girl to get your shot at the Vets and hope you did have lots of good treats to make up for it. Precious had to go to a new Clinic two years ago because the first one we used had a new intern every year. And they just weren't what we wanted. Now we have permanent doctor who's been in business for a long time.

  3. I was watching on Wednesday too and am filled with hope that America can heal now. Glad your joint injection went well.

  4. Poppy, dear, my two old toms have not complained about missing their annual check-ups at the vet. We're waiting until I'm allowed to go into the office with them. You're fortunate that you and your mum can keep these important appointments together. We are indeed hoping for better times ahead here in the States!

  5. Poppy, we're glad the injection went well. Sometimes losing weight is only age related, but of course there are issues like kidneys and hyper-thyroidism, etc. Certainly we hope all is just fine! Take care and have a great weekend. ♥

  6. Is it possible to request an appointment with a specific vet, Poppy? I try to schedule my cats' appointments for a certain veterinary, and would rather wait a few days for that. I know the frustration: you want the same doctor, someone who knows you. As for losing weight, my Tucker and Josie are, but it's very gradual and likely to do with age. However, it certainly doesn't hurt to have every possibility checked.

  7. poppy....sorree bout de hole trip two de ewe noe wear place....N pleez ta tell mum her better up yur day lee biscuit intake ta 25 ;) ☺☺♥♥ happee week end !!

  8. I'm glad your vet visit was quick and easy, and I hope you are okay!

  9. I'm sorry you have joint pain and require injections and hope that you are feeling better. It sounds like your Mum takes good care of you and I also hope you both enjoy the weekend.