Thursday, January 28, 2021


 Well mum has been quiet, just zipping back and forth to work with the usual visits to the supermarket and library.  I have been disturbing her rest with a little  bit of overnight howling.  Lucky I get to sleep all day and catch up on my rest.


  1. I've been home three days on the trot now,
    and again tomorrow..though l'm going up
    to the surgery on Saturday..10:30..for my
    virus jab!
    At least it'll get me out the house for a
    while..and the walk will do me good..! :).

    1. Willie you will have to let us know how that shot goes. I might be able to get mine by the middle of February.

    2. Moderna? Pfizer?

      Here in Canada there's a HUGE kerfuffle over the delay in Pfizer's shipments to Canada (none this week and very little for half of Feb, while they ramp up production, or so news media states). I'm in the last group to be vaccinated and will have to wait until summer or fall, unless our province is able to ramp things up more quickly. Good luck to you both (think you're in the UK?).

    3. I'm in the UK...Lynn is in the US...
      We are on the ball over here, though
      a row has developed between the UK
      and the EU..The EU were late in ordering
      their vaccines, now they want their quota
      before the rest owed to the UK..The UK
      are'nt having any of it..the UK want
      there full quota owed..5.8 million people
      have been vaccinated in the UK so far! :).

  2. Poppy I thank you just singing to you Mom in the middle of the night. Maybe a serenade.

  3. Quiet can be good! It's VERY quiet here, the biped leaves the house once a week for groceries and/or pharmacy, as we're still under lockdown and stay-at-home orders. At least your mum can get out and live a normal life, Poppy!

  4. Boodie used to do the howling thing... but that was usually because she had a toy she was carrying around.

  5. Nellie was big on midnight serenades. She was a small Siamese with a very LARGE voice, Kozmo just turned 11 and he has started singing occasionally, Marv usually silences him! Poppy, you are pretty normal. Have a marvellously Happy Day!

  6. Mum only goes to the library and grocery store too. But no work for her, she likes retirement.