Sunday, January 24, 2021

Mown Meadow

After weeks of forgetting us, the mower man came and mowed our Meadow and turned it into compost.  Before I even got out to have a sniff , the neighbor tabby came and rolled all over my spots.

So I went out and spread my smells all over the neighbors scents.  Problem solved.


  1. You look very happy Poppy!x
    A nice mown lawn..Lovely! :)..

    I woke up early this morning, to quite
    a downfall of snow, but by seven it had
    stopped, enough had settled to stop me
    going to the supermarket, clear tomorrow
    with sunshine..! That will do..! :)

  2. Good for you Poppy. That must have been a very good spot. We once had a sweet cat rather like you. Our neighbour had a 3 legged tabby. They became great mates and ours used to go next door in the evenings when they had a fire and the two cats cuddled up together in front of it. Perhaps you could make friends with that tabby. Nice company when mum is at work.

  3. Those neighbour cats take too many liberties, Poppy!

  4. I can see more of you in the short grass Poppy.

  5. Good job covering up that rude tabby's scent with yours, Poppy!

  6. That was cheeky of your neighbor kitty to rub on YOUR spots, Poppy! I'm glad you fixed it.

  7. That’s perhaps a less messy way of getting rid of foreign scents than what Flynn and Eric used to do, Poppy…