Thursday, January 7, 2021

Summer Sky

 Yesterday was lovely and warm with, with a summer sky of the prettiest view.   Mum wasn't very busy at work and all of her colleagues were glued to the news.  We are glad to live in a country isolated from all of the craziness with no lockdown at the moment and life going on as normal.


  1. Ah! What a lovely sky to wake up to
    It's very cold over here, frosty mornings,
    but it is dry, that's something at least..! :)

    Yes! We're on FULL lockdown over here, and
    people are dying, over a 1,000 died yesterday,
    though a second vaccine is being released to~day,
    much easier to use, and delivery will be quicker!
    And it will be able to be given at surgeries and
    chemists, like the flu jab..
    But! it'll all take time...!

  2. Well, we don't have a lockdown. Just nuts trying to start a civil war.

  3. Love the Blue Sky picture Poppy. I have not seen sunshine or blue sky since the Sunday after Christmas. Won't for another couple days they say. Our country is just goofy right now. And I wish we had more dignity. You and your mom enjoy your lovely country.

  4. Lovely blue sky, Poppy. We have a cloudless sky here but it is a much paler blue with a sub zero temperature.

  5. happee new yeer two ewe N mum poppy Q, thanx for sharin sum thin BRIGHT two day

    we hope 2021 izza grate one for ewe both ☺☺♥♥

  6. It felt like real summer at last. Blue skies here too and the temperature about 27. Just perfect. However today is only going up to 17 and some rain. Never recall a summer quite like it. But as you say , at least we have no Covid cross fingers. Feel sorry for the comments from US. How one man can cause so much trouble. You have had some great Presidents.

  7. Can me and mum come live with you?

  8. I think the unique skies of summer are what I miss most about that season...