Friday, January 15, 2021


 Well we're so glad its Friday.   The first whole 5 day working week in weeks.  Mum opened windows and doors when she got home as it was summer hot.  Then she fell asleep reading her book.  Luckily it is safe here and mum doesn't worry about intruders or burglars even though her bag and phone were sitting out in the living room.  She got up and cooked a supermarket bought pizza that cheap at $7 was tasteless and bland.  My feast was tasty.


  1. I'm still 'locked' away..Hehe! Though
    l did pop out yesterday to collect
    my prescription..and l've been busy this
    morning, washing etc..all out on the line,
    little sunshine, but still cold..!

    Though l make my own, l keep a couple of
    supermarket pizzas in the deep freeze,
    just as a standby, and speed, but l buy
    the plain ones, just covered in tomato
    and cheese, then l do my own topping...!
    What ever l fancy..! :).

    1. Willie I'm glad you could get out for a little bit. We all certainly hope things turn around and get better quickly.

    2. Yes! Thankyou Lynn..Not to good over here,
      1,200 people died yesterday, that's three
      days running, over a 1,000 have died..! :(.
      At least there on the ball with the vaccines!

  2. Poppy War glad you had a tastier treat then your mum. But I'm glad you have summer weather and you both have some time off together. You look so beautiful sitting in the sunshine. Have a good weekend.

  3. I am glad your Feast was tasty, Poppy. If I ever buy a shop pizza I always add extra topping.

  4. At least your supper was tasty, Poppy!

    Yes, that first 5-day (or more, in your mum's case) is hard when it's been many weeks! Take care and have a good weekend.

  5. poppy Q; we iz glad ewe N mom livez ina safe area....thatz knot all wayz de case round heer....tell mum next time; add sum perch ta that store bought !! ;) ♥♥

  6. My human has never lived anywhere where she could keep doors and windows open. Well, since I'm an indoor only kitty, she has to keep them shut anyway. But she also has to keep the doors locked.