Monday, January 25, 2021


 At the garden center mum spent a few minutes watching the caterpillars chewing on the swan plants.  Monarch butterflies are such a pretty sight over the summer.


  1. He's is the butterfly...
    Though the butterfly is poisonous,
    it develops the poison from the
    plant it eats, so Poppy, don't go
    chasing them about..! :(,

    1. I never knew that Willie. Interesting. We had 2 cats so lucky they never caught them . How is the snow over there ? We are sweltering. Tomorrow will be 35 degrees. Almost unbearable.

    2. Snows ALL gone to~day..Brilliant winter sunshine..!
      Though very cold..!
      You'd have to eat an awful lot of Monarchs for them
      to kill you, but be a bit wary of pets, cats/dogs..!
      Especially cats..!

  2. Many, many years ago my elder daughter knew someone at University who had lots of the caterpillars. We put in some swan plants and the caterpillars nearly stripped them before they went into cocoons. Once they came out as butterflies they were magnificent. We bought more swan plants and every year they would fly back to lay their eggs, It was a fun time. I haven’t seen any now for years.

  3. Our monarchs eat what we call milkweed plants. I have the plants in my yard and two years ago I had 100 caterpillars. Last year I had about fifty and they are magnificent to watch then turn into a chrysalis and then into a butterfly. So glad your mom got to see one now. We have to wait until about August.

  4. Poppy,dear, Willie is giving you excellent advice! Not only are Monarch butterflies now considered endangered, they also are high on the list of icky-eats for cats. (My older tomcat says his grandmum told him this. I knew Sophronia well, and I consider her an authority on icky-eats for cats.)

  5. Is that a monarch butterfly caterpillar? They look pretty as larvae, too.

  6. will bee a few bee for we see de monarchs again .... and ta see one
    round heer any mor iz kinda rare..... sad :( ♥♥♥