Saturday, January 16, 2021



Mum slept in this morning and washed her uniforms then munching on a bagel before telling me she was going out for the afternoon.  She went to the market to buy a Danish pastry for tomorrow's breakfast.  She popped into a few shops and ended up in the hardware store, where she got some sanitizer and a couple of small nightlights for me.  

Mum then went to see a documentary at the cinema about Yotem  Ottolengi and the Cakes of Versailles.   It was ok, and a nice distraction for the afternoon.  She then walked into town and got some fried rice and chicken satay for her dinner.  Now she's tired and thinks she will sleep well tonight.


  1. Well Poppy!x I slept like a log last night...
    Woke up in the fire~place..HeHe! Joke! Joke! :)

    I'm afraid were not able to do what Mum has done,
    all quiet in most places, another 1,200 people died
    yesterday, more restrictions coming into place to~day!
    But..they are doing well with the vaccines, three
    different ones in circulation now..and the 'R' number
    is below one in most places, lets hope it's a turning quite a while yet..!

    And..did you see..eight gorillas in an American zoo,
    have been diagnosed the virus..? Don't know what to
    say..! :(.

  2. Love the mural Poppy. It looks like your mom had a lovely day and now you have some extra light to help you find your way around in the dark.

  3. Are you afraid of the dark Poppy ? Mum is very kind and thoughtful. You seem to be famous with people drawing you all over town. 😁🐭

  4. It looks and sounds like your mum had a very nice day. And coming home to you must have been the best part of all. Hugs!

  5. The cakes would probably have been my favourite part of the day...